Happy Programmers’ Day!

September 13th is the 256th day of the year, which we all know is the number of possible values in 8 bits (what most people mean when they refer to a byte. Not the old PDP guys with their 36 bit words, but I digress), and is therefore suited to a semi-unofficial holiday.  I took a semi-holiday while at work, thanks to Kingdom of Loathing, and now am celebrating by drinking some of the beer left over from the last holiday we celebrated, St. Bartholomew’s Day.

What else did we do, you ask?  Well, I’d be happy to answer: we brewed a pomegranate mead, and Cory taught us how to breathe fire. Pictures at the bottom.  Also, it occurs to me that with saints Bartholomew, Arnold, Hildegarde, Augustine, and the like, we could have a pretty good set of holidays…

What’s next for this intrepid gang of brewers?  Well, Aaron and I have been cooking up a scheme evil enough to match his brilliant name of Zombeer.  Sticking with an islandy, White Zombie theme, we’ve decided it should include sugar cane, kava, and blue lotus.  Should be interesting, no matter what.

fireball.jpg  hagbot.jpg 

 kyle.jpg   me.jpg