2008 already?

Wow, time flies. I’ve been brewing a lot more than I’ve been writing lately, which is good for me, bad for those following along at home. I did find the time to finish writing up my favorite of the latest brews, the Christmas Cyser, and it’s one I’d really recommend.

Big news on the Flagon Slayer front, as well. It’s become a sort of travelling brewing party, and as a group, we’re attempting to make two batches a month, showing up on the weekend to whoever has an empty carboy. That being said, I’d like to welcome Chris and Ross on board!

January is Porter season: Chris brewed one (his first brew!) last week, and I’ll be putting one down this weekend if all goes well, and post the recipe.

Finally, I just have to share this: Linux-Based Wine Cellar Monitor. How cool is that?