Traveling brewparty for the win!

Sorry, once again it’s been too long since we’ve posted anything.  The current plan for the intrepid Flagon Slayers is still the traveling party, brewing together a minimum of every two weeks.  Ross and I are trying hand at growing our own hops this year, as well: Fuggles and Cascade for me, and Wilamette, Cascade, and Tettnag for Ross.  Additionally, we’re attempting fruit gardening for more wine and melomel fodder, and I’ll even be making a lavender wine.  Homebrewing is amazing in that almost anything can become delicious boozeahol.  For inspiration, check Jack Keller’s wine recipes.  There’s a man to be proud of.

Brewing this often really adds up.  What we’ve got in carboys this week:

TheRussian has the experimental Atomic Porter (1.090 OG), black cherry wine, raspberry champagne, pomegranate mead,  Ripper Jack (High abv / high ginger applejack), Nepali Spiced Tea Mead, some sort of peachy white melomel that I made when I was drunk, and Thundertrain (I swear it’s not a bum wine…)

Chris is rocking out lately, with his now legendary Baconated Porter (it literally has a pound of bacon), raspberry melomel, a traditional plain mead, piesporter, a nut brown, and, in a first for our group, sake!

Ross is coming on strong with a nut brown, a crazy high hop IPA, and a volcanic (yes, it erupted) strawberry mead.  We just need to convince him to get more carboys, and it’s ON.

Finally, Fautz can’t brew.

I’ll be putting some of the more interesting recipes up after finals, but in the meantime, if there’s anything that looks interesting, leave a comment and we’ll try to post it.  That’s all for now, and may the party continue…