Rock out with your hops out.

Wow. My one Cascade bine is _really_ starting to produce! This is its second year, so it’s quite a bit more lively, but I’m also propagating off a ton of bines to try to set up a small-scale hops farm in some spare land next year. Have a look at how they’re doing below:




Click any image for a nicely hi-res version.

Fautz still can’t brew.

It’s been a long-running joke among us that Fautz can’t brew. Chris, being the Insult Master, decided to capitalize on this for his Christmas present last year. Look at the happy little feller!


Sadly, looks like we were a little overconfident in his abilities. Take a look at what we found today:


Looks like we need to find something a little easier than a Mr. Beer if we’re going to get him into the wonderful hobby of homebrewing. Any suggestions?